About Us

At QPP we believe that continuously improving the Advice Document Construction Process to support evolving compliance, technology and people  requirements is critical to the success of our customers and QPP.


We invest in our customers by engaging in a Discovery Process to truly understand the unique requirements of the Adviser, their Practice and their Licensee then documenting the customer’s Advice Document Construction Process in the form of a Guide for training and review purposes.


Once the Practice’s Advice Document Guide is agreed with the Practice, QPP allocates an appropriately skilled and experienced Lead Paraplanner who skills their QPP Paraplanning Pod to the Adviser’s and Practice Advice Document Guide. 


The Advice Document Guide is underpinned by QPP’s commitment to quality and QPP’s internal Advice Document Construction Process designed to create the highest possible quality  experience and output for our customers and QPP employees.


QPP’s Paraplanners are carefully selected for their commitment to quality, skills and experience and we align them with the Licensee they are best suited based on their understanding of licensee standards, financial planning software and years of experience. 


QPP Paraplanner’s are trained on the customers Advice Document Guide and their engagement with the Adviser during the Advice Construction Process in addition to how they apply their knowledge and experience to each and every Advice Document is QPP’s secret sauce.


QPP’s Advice Document Manager engages regularly with customers to review requirements and changes to their Advice Document Guide so that together we can continuously improve the experience and quality of output for the Adviser, their Practice and QPP.


QPP’s Operations Manager is continuously improving QPP’s Customer and Employee Operational Experience by actively engaging with the Advice Document Manager, Paraplanning and Development Teams to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.  


QPP designs and constructs advice documents for Advisers. Want to partner with us?