About Us

At QPP we believe that outsource paraplanning is an essential extension to your business


We believe that good communication and collaboration help make the advice process easier. Our administration team and our qualified onshore paraplanning team work with you and your Licensee to help deliver great outcomes.


We try to match paraplanners who are suitable to work alongside you, and encourage open communication so that you can build an efficient work process and a strong ongoing relationship. This helps ensure the delivery of a better product and will help us provide better support for your business.



QPP’s qualified onshore paraplanners are carefully selected for their skills and experience, and most importantly, their willingness to work collaboratively with you. At all times possible we try to align paraplanners with licensees they have experience with, however, we also encourage cross skilling and continuous improvement and education, and many of our team have experience with multiple licensees.


QPP’s administration team seeks continuous improvement for our customers and paraplanners by collaborating with advisers, licensees and paraplanners. 


QPP can help make your advice process easier. Contact us today.