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Outsourcing Paraplanning Solution

When it comes to whether or not to outsource your paraplanning, we are slightly biased, but we do believe there are solid reasons to outsource your paraplanning. Adviser’s access to technical experts is easier and more affordable than ever. Here at QPP, we understand most financial advisers would prefer to employ their own paraplanners but for many, this is not possible.

The importance of a paraplanner can sometimes be overlooked, they work behind the scenes to provide technical and administrative support for Advisers. Despite still conducting some tedious tasks, now form an integral part of the advice process from start to finish.

The way the world works has changed. Advisers need high-quality research and analytical support more than ever, with the job requiring an ever-expanding skillset, top paraplanners may not be easy to find. Outsourcing your paraplanning is a good alternative and here is a short insight about the advantages of outsourcing.

Help you deal with excess workload

  • QPP allows easy access to a reliable experienced paraplanner when you need giving you more flexibility and no need to make a long-term commitment

Improve the quality of your work

  • Strong technical knowledge is very important when putting together solid financial recommendations, QPP’s paraplanners offer an extra pair of eyes offering alternatives

3 Business day turnaround

  • At QPP we offer you fast, accurate and compliant SoA’s with a 3 business day turnaround

  • Giving you more time to focus on what you do best, advising clients, not managing staff

Save on the cost of having an employee in the office

  • QPP is open during the Christmas and New Year break so it keeps the work moving even when you’re away

What could be more satisfying than helping your clients achieve their goals in life? As Advisers you know productivity is the key to success; less time spent writing SoA documents and more time spent with clients and prospects to help them achieve their goals.

Outsourcing can help your business delegate important tasks towards work that serves the customer, and it can help you set your priorities more clearly.

Whether you’re looking for one-off support, or you run a practice and need ongoing paraplanning support, QPP can help you.

Book an appointment with our in-house expert today!

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