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SoA Manager is Quality Para Planning’s online tool to help you order and receive your plan. The tool is quite simple to use and gives you visibility of your in-progress activity and your credit balance. This document explains how SoA Manager works, and what you need to do to get the best service from Quality Para Planning.

Logging in to SoA Manager

Log in to soa.qualityparaplanning.com.au with your username and password. If you don't yet have a password, enter your email address and reset your password. A new password will be emailed to you. Once you are logged in, you are presented with your Dashboard:

This screen allows you to:

  • Edit your Profile

  • Edit and review your Preferences

  • Buy credits by selecting the Credits menu

  • Create a new order by clicking the green Create Order button

Buying Credits

Quality Para Planning works using up-front payment, and so you must have credits within the system before you create a new order. Simply select Buy Credits within the Credits menu and you will be presented with the buy credits screen:

Here, you simply create a payment method, usually a credit card, and then make a purchase. Once you buy credits, you will see your new balance in the top-right of the screen.

Ordering your plan

Ordering your plan is a fast process that allows you to document your needs such that the allocated paraplanner can rapidly create your plan. When you select the Create Order button, you will be presented with the ordering form:

All of the boxes within the form require completion and the order cannot be submitted until they are all completed. This is to ensure that the paraplanner receives all of the information they need to allow them to write the plan. As you select each strategy and sub-strategy, you will be presented with a 'goals box'.

In this box, you can assign a specific goal that the client has to the advice you are providing:

The drop-down options within this box will allow you to choose the Goal and the sub-goal for the advice that you have provided. You can replace or add to the wording presented in the Advice box. Supporting documents required to order a plan include although may not be limited to the following:

  • Client Profile or similar

  • Investment, Superannuation and Insurance reports

  • Risk Analysis

  • Insurance Quotes

  • Cash flows (if prepared previously)

  • Client Service Agreement (if required to be inserted into the SOA)

  • Any other supporting documentation

You have the option of either stating that the documents are all within your Xplan, Coin or relevant software, or you have the option to upload these into the order form at this stage:

If you select “Attached” for any of the options, the system will expect at least one document to be uploaded into the order form. This can be done via the “Upload files” button. Once you select this option, the dialogue box will direct you through the upload process:

Don’t forget to select “Upload” to get the file uploaded! Once the upload is completed, the “Close” button is available to allow you to return to the order screen. Once you have entered all the details, click “Submit” to order your plan.

If the order won’t submit, it is likely that you have missed filling in one of the fields. Simply scroll up the page until you see the field/s that is/are highlighted in red so that you can make the entry, for example:

You will receive an email confirmation that your order has been received by QPP. It is important that you are clear with the information at this stage because any rework after this point will incur a rework fee. Your plan will be produced and delivered to you usually within 3 business days unless an alternative completion date has been agreed in the OA.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your order, your account is debited the value of the work based on the number of strategies you have selected. You may be contacted by the allocated paraplanner once they commence working on the plan to ask clarifying questions. Please respond as quickly as you can to ensure that the plan can proceed.

If due to a change from your client, or some other situation, you need to amend or cancel the request, you will be able to see your order within your dashboard under the Orders in Progress heading. Here, you have the option to amend or cancel your order. Please note that if you amend your order, the price originally quoted may change and your account will be debited accordingly.

If the order has already been commenced by the allocated paraplanner and you decide to cancel the order, you will not receive a refund as your order has already progressed through our process and we need to recompense the paraplanner for the work that they have done.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I need to speak to someone about my account or my order?

If you have any questions or concern, please contact our head office on 1800 010 784

When will I receive my completed SoA?

You will receive your completed SoA within 3 days once it has been written, reviewed and checked by QPP.

How will I receive my completed SoA?

Your completed SoA will be visible in your Dashboard in the lower section called “SoA Ready for Review:

Simply click the blue Review button and the order will open. Scroll down and you can then both rate the performance of QPP and download your completed SoA.

How do you ensure that my competed SoA is correct?

The QPP quality process includes a number of reviews to ensure that your SoA is completed correctly and complies with your preferences. Our checks include a review of all of the data within the SoA and a technical review to ensure that the strategies provided are correct and valid.

You also have the opportunity to comment on your completed SoA once you receive it to provide additional feedback to QPP.

Can QPP change my order once it has been submitted by myself?

The allocated paraplanner will review your order when they commence the work. During the review, the paraplanner may identify adjustments or changes. If they do make an amendment, you will receive an email from QPP explaining the changes made. You will have the opportunity to follow-up and clarify if needed.

Will I need to type everything I already have in XPLan, Coin or relevant software or the Client Profile into the Order Form?

No. We only ask for the information that is critical to ensure that the plan is written correctly. Where you have everything already in XPlan, Coin or relevant software, or document, we simply as you to clarify where it is and / or to upload the document for the paraplanner.

Thank you for choosing Quality Para Planning

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