• Karina Dorogi

The QPP Team

Our team of specialised professionals are dedicated to delivering fast, accurate, compliant and professional advice documents.

We are experienced, motivated and dedicated experts who consistently provide three business day turnaround in all market conditions. We’re incredibly proud of the people who make our business what it is.

Read through our staff profiles and discover more about the wonderful QPP team.

Karina Dorogi, Managing Director

Outsourcing has been a big part of my life now for the past 12 years.  It soon became evident to me when I was advising that the time spent either by myself and/or our support staff preparing SoA’s was outweighing the time that I wanted to spend with and on clients while achieving my personal and professional goals.  It didn’t take me long to work out that if I was going to be a successful Adviser that I needed to specialise in Advice and leave Paraplanners to specialise in Paraplanning. 

With a desire for independence, combined with the need for flexibility and my skill sets, it became clear that I was well placed to provide a Paraplanning service to Advisers that they could have faith in and a system that they can trust to deliver all of their advice documents on time, for a fixed fee.  I believe that I have since been able to achieve this at QPP.  It’s my goal to make sure that we can continue to evolve to meet our customers advice document requirements with speed, accuracy and compliance.

My experience within the financial services industry over the past 3 decades has included working in a number of licensees.  I have had experience in stockbroking, paraplanning, technical advice, business coaching and as a financial adviser.  I am also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).

Megan Ryan, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator

I have recently joined the QPP team as the Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator. I have completed a Bachelor in Marketing Communications and completed various certificates in Copy Writing, Account Management and Events Management.

I may look young, but my many years’ experience in client and customer focused roles has given me excellent customer service skills and I am committed to delivering exceptional standards of service.

My experience in developing social media and digital marketing content strategies to increase engagement, I hope will be a great asset to the QPP team. My advance knowledge of all media tools and research have already allowed me to provide strategy and planning advice across a full range of social media channels.

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