• Karina Dorogi

We believe in Specialising.


At Quality Para Planning we believe in Specialising.


We do this by using SoA Manager and a network of Australia Accredited Paraplanners.


To produce fast, accurate and compliant advice documents for financial advice specialists.


At Quality Para Planning we believe in Specialising.

We provide a specific and specialised service that we believe solves the complete customer need and we’ve done this by creating and using SoA Manager.

SoA Manager is a system that we built from scratch. We surveyed our advisers and asked what they wanted to improve the process.

SoA Manager is a point of difference. It is simple to use, allows you to set your preferences to customise your SoA and provides a payment and workflow system. SoA Manager becomes your dashboard for all your paraplanning needs.

SoA Manager ensures that your SoA’s are tailored, fast and compliant. At QPP we pride ourselves on quality and compliance.

We maintain a network of Australian Accredited Paraplanners who are well qualified and experienced in their profession.

With SoA Manager and our Australian Accredited Paraplanners, we produce a broad range of simple to complex SoA’s including RoA’s and Foundation SoA’s.

QPP's capacity is unlimited and can always meet your demand with our 3 business day turnaround.

Fast. Accurate. Compliant. Professional.

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