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Bundled Pricing

​Our bundled pricing is based on the number of scopes of advice for the strategies included in your recommendation. Scopes of advice and strategies are detailed below the pricing. Bundled pricing includes:

  • Xtools research (WealthSolver or Risk Researcher - current, proposed and two alternative products)

  • XTools Modelling for the current and recommended strategy (also includes Gearing Stress Test as required)

  • Completion of the advice document via your Licensee Xplan Wizard and with personalisation for your client's situation


Note: an hourly rate charge in addition to the bundled fee will apply for: client data entry/updates, manual customisation outside of the Xplan Wizard's default template, changes to work already completed due to updated information or recommendations, and modelling of additional or alternative scenarios.

One Scope

$449 Ex GST

Two Scope

$649 Ex GST

Three Scope

$849 Ex GST

Four Scope

$1,049 Ex GST

Five Scope+ or Gearing 

$1,149 Ex GST


$199 Ex GST

Includes holds and simple rebalances only

$300 Ex GST

Disclaimer:Includes holds and simple rebalances only

Foundation SoA

Unbundled/Hourly Rate Pricing

$300 Ex GST

If your requirements do not fit into the bundled pricing, we offer a number of unbundled options that are charged at an hourly rate.  Please feel free to get in touch with our office if you would like to utilise these services.  Some of the options that we have available at an hourly fee include:

 Administrative Support

File preparation

Data entry

Other services as you require, just let us know what you need


Investment research (WealthSolver)

Insurance research
(Risk Researcher)

Advice Documents

Document writing only

Document writing and modelling only

Document writing and research only


XTools modelling

Strategy development

The number of scopes of advice and related strategies included in our bundled pricing is based on the lists below.

Note: For any super, pension, debt, insurance, or investment strategies involving an SMSF entity, the SMSF scope of advice must also be included due to the additional work required in research and modelling.  If a second SoA document is required for the SMSF entity to meet your Licensee's compliance requirements there will also be an additional hourly rate charge for production of the second document.

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)
  • Hold

  • Rebalance

  • Establishing an SMSF 

  • Estate Planning within an SMSF

  • Winding up an SMSF

  • Change of Administration

  • Cash 

  • Managed Funds 

  • Property

  • Shares

  • Investment Bonds

  • Consolidating debt

  • Increasing payments

  • Lump sum payments

  • Offset account

  • Redraw facility

  • Reducing inefficient debt

  • Refinancing

  • Reverse Mortgage

Gearing (debt plus investment)
  • Debt recycling

  • Gearing into super

  • Gearing review

  • Margin loan increase

  • New gearing

  • Contribution Splitting

  • Defined benefit vs accumulation

  • Non-concessional contributions

  • Re-contribution

  • Regular contribution changes

  • Rollover and allocation

  • Salary Sacrifice

  • Concessional contributions

  • Spouse contributions

  • Super guarantee contributions

  • UK transfer

  • Downsizer contributions

  • Existing pension

  • Fixed term annuity 

  • Lifetime annuity

  • Lump sum withdrawal

  • New pension and allocation

  • Transition to Retirement

  • Defined Benefit Pension


Estate Planning (no charge)

  • Enduring guardianship

  • Health directives

  • Power of Attorney

  • Super beneficiaries

  • Wills

  • Age pension

  • Austudy 

  • Carer allowance

  • Carer payment

  • Carer supplement

  • Disability support

  • Family Tax Benefits

  • Funeral Bonds

  • Jobseeker

  • Parenting payment 

  • Partner allowance

  • Seniors health card

Aged Care
  • Nursing home care

  • Funding aged care fees

  • Daily accommodation payments

  • Refundable Accommodation Deposit

  • Home retention

  • Funeral bonds/Insurance bonds

Insurance - Personal/Super/SMSF
  • Income protection

  • Critical Illness / Trauma

  • Life

  • Total and permanent disability

  • Endowment policies

  • Health and general

  • Whole of life policies

Insurance - Business
  • Asset protection

  • Ownership (buy/sell) protection

  • Revenue protection