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Thanks for looking at the opportunity to join the QPP team.

How we work

Once you are successfully registered to work with QPP we will offer you jobs depending upon your preferences.
You will be given access to our online system, the SoA Manager.  You will receive email notifications for jobs we are offering you.
You must be able to complete any job you take within 1 business day. We will pay you based on the number of strategies in the SoA and pay you fast once it is completed.
Here are our rates:
ROA                                                                   $  85 Ex GST

Foundation                                                     $150 Ex GST

1 Strategy                                                        $200 Ex GST

2 Strategy                                                        $300 Ex GST     

3 Strategy                                                        $400 Ex GST     

4 Strategy                                                        $480 Ex GST     

5 Strategies or Gearing                                 $550 Ex GST

File Preparation                                              $  75 Ex GST

Data entry only                                               $100 Ex GST

Modelling only                                                $  50 Ex GST

Data Entry and Modelling only                     $  85 Ex GST

Data entry, Product and/or Insurance

Research/Replacement                                  $  70 Ex GST

Data entry, Product and/or Insurance

Research/Replacement and Modelling        $100 Ex GST

Document Writing and Modelling only         1 x strategy  $150 Ex GST

                              2 x strategies $218 Ex GST

                              3 x strategies $300 Ex GST

                              4 x strategies $363 Ex GST

                              5 x strategies $436 Ex GST

Document only                                                 1 x strategy  $150 Ex GST

                              2 x strategies $200 Ex GST

                              3 x strategies $243 Ex GST

                              4 x strategies $316 Ex GST

                              5 x strategies $380 Ex GST

The number of strategies is based on the definition list with the available strategies and sub strategies listed below.

Note: Each strategy outside of client, partner and joint applies on a per entity basis with a list of available sub strategies for each.


  • Cash

  • Managed Funds

  • Property 

  • Shares


  • Consolidating debt

  • Increasing payment frequency

  • Increasing regular payments

  • Lump sum payment

  • Offset account

  • Redraw facility

  • Reducing inefficient debt

  • Refinancing

  • Reverse Mortgage

Gearing (debt plus invest)

  • Debt recycling

  • Gearing into super

  • Gearing review

  • Margin loan increase

  • New gearing

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  • Contribution splitting

  • Defined benefit vs accumulation

  • Non concessional contribution

  • Recontribution

  • Regular contribution changes

  • Rollover and invest

  • Salary sacrifice

  • Self employed concessional contribution

  • Spouse contribution

  • Super guarantee contribution

  • UK transfer


  • Existing pension

  • Fixed term annuity

  • Lifetime annuity

  • Lump sum withdrawal

  • New pension and invest

Estate planning (no charge)

  • Enduring guardian

  • Health directives

  • Power of attorney

  • Super beneficiaries

  • Wills

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  • Age pension

  • Aged care

  • Austudy

  • Carer allowance

  • Carer payment

  • Carer supplement

  • Disability support

  • Family tax benefits

  • Funeral bonds

  • Newstart

  • Parenting payment

  • Partner allowance

  • Seniors health card

Insurance - Personal / Super

  • Income protection

  • Critical Illness / Trauma

  • Life

  • Total and permanent disability

  • Endowment policy

  • Health and general

  • Whole of life policy

Insurance - Business

  • Asset protection

  • Ownership (buy/sell) protection

  • Revenue protection

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Next Steps

If you are interested in finding out more and working with us follow these steps

Step One - Read our Confidentiality Requirements

Privacy of customer data is important to us so you need to understand and agree to our confidentiality requirements

Step Two - Tell us about yourself

We are keen to know about you so complete the quick questions below including an acknowledgment of the confidentiality requirements

Step Three - Complete a test case

This enables us to check out your modelling skills. The button below takes you to detail of what to model. Once you have completed the model send it through to us and we will review and get back to you. 

Step Four - Start working for QPP

Once we have confirmed your details, we will contact you for a chat and talk about getting you set up to start working for QPP 

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