Working with Quality Para Planning

Join the QPP team.

How we work

Once you are successfully registered to work with QPP you will be given access to our online workflow allocation system, SoA Manager, and we will offer you jobs depending upon your preferences.
You must be able to complete any job you accept within the timeframe agreed upon with the adviser. We pay weekly for jobs completed the week prior.
Here are our rates based on our bundled pricing (see pricing page for details on Scope of advice):
ROA                                                                   $  85 Ex GST

Foundation                                                     $150 Ex GST

1 Scope of advice                                           $200 Ex GST

2 Scopes of advice                                         $300 Ex GST     

3 Scopes of advice                                         $400 Ex GST     

4 Scopes of advice                                         $480 Ex GST     

5 Scopes of advice or Gearing                     $550 Ex GST

File preparation, data entry, modelling only, research only, document writing only, strategy development, and manual customisation are hourly rate charges at $50 per hour Ex GST.

Questions? Contact us to discuss.

Next Steps

If you are interested in finding out more and working with us follow these steps

Step One - Tell us about yourself

We are keen to know about you so complete the quick questions below including an acknowledgment of the confidentiality requirements

Step Two - Chat with QPP

Once we have confirmed your details, we will contact you for a chat and talk about getting you set up to start working for QPP